Bay Area Dance Week: April 27-May 6, 2018

Bay Area Dance Week is a vibrant celebration with more than 400 free events, classes, performances, open rehearsals, lecture demonstrations, and more April 27-May 6, 2018.


Oakland has a large and growing dance community, and several studios, companies, and groups are participating in Bay Area Dance Week.  Click here for the schedule and filter by “East Bay”.


If you’ve never danced before, Bay Area Dance Week is a great time to join a class, and there are several beginning classes on the schedule (see below for a quick overview).


If you love dance but don’t want to join in a class, look for the many free performances, open rehearsals, and demonstrations scheduled.  AXIS Dance Company and dNaga have open rehearsals, Flying Studios is hosting a performance/workshop, Bay Area Same-Sex Dance Association is hosting a Ballroom Dance Competition, and more!


If you’re already a dancer, invite a friend to class to join in.  Bay Area Dance Week is a celebration of dance, and Oakland has so much great dance to celebrate.


Tag us in your Bay Area Dance Week photos, and we’ll share them on our social media feeds.  See you in the studio!


Oakland Participants in Bay Area Dance Week

Click here for class descriptions and to sign up.


AXIS Dance Company

Company Class 4/27

Open Rehearsal 4/27


Flying Studios

Bodywerk with Mom Lebeau 4/27

Bos Dance with Alyssa Decaro 4/30

Zumba with Andreina Frebres 5/2

YSTYLE W. Yeni Lucero 5/2

Bos Dance with Alyssa Decaro 5/3

Zumba with Adriana Oyarzun 5/3

Shake Your Asana: Yoga & Dance Celebration Experience 5/4

Ladybos Women’s Performance and Workshop 5/6



RHYTHM CAFE Dance & Drum Party 4/28


Bay Area Same-Sex Dance Association

April Follies Same-Sex Ballroom Dance Competition 4/28



Oakland Dance Festival 4/28 & 4/29



Intermediate Ballet 4/28

dNaga Open Rehearsal 4/28

COterie DAnce Company Class 4/29

Matinee Munch Choreographer’s Showcase 4/29

Beginning Hip Hop 4/30

Intermediate/Advanced Modern Jazz 5/1

Advanced Beginning/Intermediate Ballet 5/2

Beginning Modern 5/3

Beginning Ballet 5/6


Dimensions Dance Theater/Lakiesha Golden

Congolese Dance 4/28

Couple Dances of the African Diaspora 5/2


The Breema Center

Breema: The Art of Being Present 4/28

Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony 4/30

Self-Breema: The Gateway to Being Present 5/1

Introduction to Breema 5/2

Breema: The Art of Being Present 5/5



Fiesta Sin Fronteras: Celebrating Walls for Dance, Not Barriers 5/5