A Day in the Elmhurst District Neighborhood

This post was written by Faustina Ngo, Business Outreach Intern and Oakland resident.


East Oakland has countless amazing local small businesses that provide important services to the community around them. With its diversity of goods and services, the Elmhurst District is a place you especially don’t want to miss out on. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to explore the Elmhurst neighborhood after seeing the spots we’ve shared with you in this blog post. Have fun visiting!


Breakfast at a Bakery

Lopez Bakery & Deli is known for their fresh pastries and convenient location at a corner of International Boulevard. As a family-owned business passed down to the next generation, they’ve been featured on East Bay Express for their beautiful cake decorating services. They also offer drinks such as cinnamon coffee along with their baked goods and sweets. Check out their Yelp Page for more information.


Convenience Stop

La Nopalera Produce is not just a grocery and produce store. They also sell fresh meat, herbal and modern medicines, along with household items. Their store also has a mini taqueria that sells Mexican fast food, international fax services, a money transfer station, and more. La Nopalera is truly a place that caters to the neighborhood and the needs of their customers. They’re open every day from 9AM to 10PM, check them out if you’re nearby!


Auto Repair

Emad Tune-Up is a true hidden gem in East Oakland. Since 1990, they’ve been providing expert auto technician advice and services to the local community, with specializations in smog checks, exhaust work, towing services, and more. People love them for their excellent customer service, and that has garnered them all 5-star reviews on Yelp. They are open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 6PM. Emad Tune-Up even has online booking for appointments on their website! Be sure to give them a visit the next time you want auto service.



For over 40 years, the owner of Hakimi Jewelry & Repair has had lengthy experience in the art of jewelry making and repairing. Their store carries a wide assortment of fine and costume jewelry, and even offers ear and nose piercings in-store for affordable prices! Jewelry pieces from Hakimi are known to be beautiful and exquisite, and they even import some of their items from India, China, and Turkey. They are open 6 days a week, with a break day on Tuesday. Their location is conveniently situated in the Durant Marketplace, so you are sure to find parking if you visit Hakimi Jewelry & Repair! They also have a 5-star business rating on Yelp, so you know they’re a true gem!


Household and Hardware

89th Ave Locks, Keys & Glass is a one-stop shop for hardware and anything home-repair related! Founded by two friends, Caesar and Nacho, their mission is to provide customers with individualized attention, unlike the usual experiences that customers receive at larger, corporate hardware stores. They carry small hardware items such as door handles, bolts, nuts, screws, bulbs, pvc pipe, and more. Along with these products, they also offer key cutting services and glass repairs. Give them a visit the next time you need any household hardwares!


Bar and Nightlife

Talco’s is a local favorite on International Blvd. They have affordable drinks, and amenities such as a pool table and a T.V. Regulars love it because of the vibes here, and that it is a friendly neighborhood spot to chill at night. Parking is also widely available since they have their own lot for their customer. Take a look at their Yelp page if you want to learn more!


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