Umami Mart

Umami Mart sprouted into this world as an international food + drink blog in 2007. Over the years, it has grown into a Japanese kitchen and barware importing business, headquartered in Oakland, CA.

Functional design, quality, and service are all a part of the Umami Mart philosophy, reflected in every facet of the business. The Oakland shop, opened in 2012, is a curation of bar tools and glassware from Japan, as well as a bottle shop dedicated to sake, shochu, Japanese whisky, and beer.

Their customers include local the Old Oakland resident who loves Japanese sake and cooking condiments, the Bay Area bartender who appreciates the quality in Japanese-made bartools, to the tourist from Tennessee who is looking for a rare bottle of Japanese whisky. Umami Mart also regularly holds events on- and off-site, including their annual Matsuri, an outdoor Japanese food and drink festival, as well as sake and shochu tastings in collaboration with the Ramen Shop in Oakland.