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Temescal Brewing is the perfect spot to grab a unique beer with friends. Their taproom features their own beers, as well as other local beers. All beer is an affordable price, and there are various pour sizes to choose from.

All of the beers here are unique and delicious. They offer customers an abundance of flavor profiles that you will not find elsewhere. A particularly delicious beer to try is the Four Dollar Toast which tastes just like cinnamon toast! Their beers rotate, so it may not be available the day that you visit! However, the rotation gives you the opportunity to try even more unique flavors! If you don’t know what to try, the staff is their to help! They are all friendly and knowledgeable and can help by making recommendations and tell you more about what you’re tasting.

At Temescal Brewing, you can purchase beers on tap, in bottles, or canned. You can also bring in a clean growler of nearly any size, and they will fill it! Make sure to enjoy some of the free popcorn with your beer; nothing tastes better.

You can enjoy your beer inside their bright taproom. The room is accented in bright pinks and turquoise, and there is seating at the bar and a few small tables. You can also go outside to enjoy the fresh air on their great patio. The outdoor space is large and group friendly. Feel free to bring your kids or dogs to enjoy the atmosphere with you. You will definitely see people relaxing, playing games, or catching up with friends.

If you have a group outing coming up, reach out to the staff here. They can help your coordinate a space for your large group in advance.

In addition to serving great beers, Temescal Brewing partners with local food trucks and restaurants by featuring different food popups everyday! The food options are always perfect to enjoy while sipping on your beer. Check out their website to see which food will be offered on the day of your visit.

Make sure to purchase pins, t-shirts, and other merchandise to celebrate your visit before you leave! Street parking is sometimes available. However, they are conveniently located a couple of blocks from the MacArthur Bart Station and the 1 bus line.