Smokin Woods BBQ

Smokin Woods BBQ is a well-loved local barbecue catering business that has been serving the greater Bay Area since 2013. In 2018, they opened their dine-in location in Oakland’s Temescal district.

James Woodard is the owner of Smokin Woods BBQ. His passion for barbecue stemmed from watching his grandfather barbecue for their family when he was a child. Like his grandfather, James became the grillmaster of the family and developed a reputation for grilling some of the best barbecue around. With a nudge from friends and family, he created Smokin Woods so that he could share his gift of grilling with the entire community.

The meat at Smokin Woods BBQ is all dry rubbed. It is also 100% wood smoked, which adds a wealth of full-bodied flavor to each bite. Each item on the menu is fantastic, but the most popular items are the beef short ribs and brisket. The meat is superb on its own, but if you are a lover of BBQ sauce, try Smokin Woods’ Original or Sweet Heat sauce. Unlike Texas style barbecue, which incorporates calorie dense sides like baked beans and mac n’ cheese, Smokin Woods BBQ does California style barbecue. California barbecue is a wood fired style that includes a variety of vegetables. Classic sides served by Smokin Woods include collard greens, candied yams, and potato salad. Lighter, vegetarian friendly sides include made to order asparagus, mixed vegetables, and orzo salad. Along with grilled vegetables, pre-order some smoked eggplant for your vegetarian guests.

Smokin Woods BBQ has several options for getting “fall off the bone” barbecue to your event. They can provide table set up, on site grilling, and fully catered meals. They also offer meal drop-offs for events like office lunches. Check out their catering menu, then get a catering quote, here. You can also enjoy James’ barbecue at their dine-in location which has ample indoor and outdoor seating. Get a group of friends together on a sunny afternoon for cold beer and barbecue at Smokin Woods BBQ and find out why they are a great choice for your next catered event.