Kitchen on Fire

Cooking is a fun activity that is artistic as well as scientific. Few accomplishments are as rewarding as preparing a successful homemade meal for your friends and family. Cooking can also be an extremely stressful experience with a lot of trial and error if you have little to no experience. If you’re an individual who wants to get the training necessary to become a pro in the kitchen, you’re in luck! Kitchen on Fire is a commercial learning kitchen that has been in North Oakland since 2017. They also have a location in Berkeley.

Kitchen on Fire offers a wide variety of cooking and baking classes taught by Michelin-starred and classically trained chefs. These fun and educational classes will make you a culinary aficionado in no time! Their 12-week technique-focused class is an in-depth series that teaches you the basics of cooking including knife skills, cooking methods, sauce making, and more! Want to learn the art of nutritious meal prep? They have nutrition-based classes that teach you how to cook nutrient dense meals that taste great. Or, you can take individual courses to learn how to make your favorite foods including sushi, pasta, and cheese. You can view upcoming classes here.

Classes are great for individuals, as well as small and large groups. Private events can accommodate more than 60 people and can be a great teambuilding activity. Couples classes are a wonderful opportunity for partners to learn to work harmoniously in the kitchen and create a romantic meal. They also have teen cooking classes. Give your teenager the gift of culinary skills and reap the benefits of their accomplishments at home!

Along with one-of-a-kind cooking classes, Kitchen on Fire offers corporate and home catering. Healthy and delicious meals are made with quality ingredients and delivered to your event either family-style or grab-and-go. For information on catering orders, look here.