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Vital Balance Massage

Wellness center that focuses on massage therapy and posture alignment therapy

Located in the Piedmont Avenue district of Oakland, Vital Balance is a wellness studio that offers massage and posture alignment therapy. The studio is owned by Kaylie Sanders, a posture alignment specialist that strives to educate her patients about self-care, and to help them live a pain-free life. She does this by utilizing tools that she learned through her education and experiences as a healer. You can learn more about Kaylie, here.

Vital Balance offers natural, holistic pain relief through therapeutic exercise and massage therapy. Their unique barefoot massage techniques provide the deepest, most relaxing massage experience available. Want to learn more about the massage services provided? Look here.

For posture alignment therapy, Kaylie follows the Egoscue Method. Unlike traditional chronic pain treatments, which address symptoms, Egoscue Method aims to correct posture, which is the root of many types of physical pain.

Don’t let physical discomfort slow you down. Let Vital Balance bring you back to the best, most productive, and pain-free you possible! Call Kaylie to learn how her methods can help you. Or, make an appointment online today.