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Tijuana Mexican Seafood Restaurant

Authentic full-service Mexican restaurant that serves a variety of flavorful seafood dishes.

Tijuana Mexican Seafood Restaurant is an East Lake gem that has been making delicious Mexican and seafood dishes since 1966. People travel from all over the Bay Area to eat their exceptional food.

The restaurant has three rooms for dining, all of which get packed on the weekends. On a Sunday, you are likely to see large families laughing and sharing their delicious meals. They serve steak fajitas and fried pescado during their after-church brunch. You will also find many small groups and individuals enjoying their home-made tortillas and authentic refried beans. All the while, a mariachi band travels throughout the dining rooms to play Tejano music for the guests’ enjoyment.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week. Chillequiles and huevos rancheros are the most popular breakfast dishes. Lunch favorites include quick-serve items such as tacos suaves (soft tacos), tacos durados (hard tacos), and burritos. They also offer light seafood options such as ceviche and seafood tostadas. Dinner plates are always huge, and come with a heap of rice, refried beans, and the softest and most malleable corn tortillas.

The restaurant is known for their fish dishes, but they have a reputation for serving the best carne asada in Oakland. They also have delicious meatless options such as chile rellenos and cheese enchiladas. Check out their menu here! Strict vegetarians should ask the server if they use lard to prepare the dish.

If you live nearby, but you are not wanting to leave the couch, then you are in luck! Tijuana Restaurant partners with Grub Hub delivery service. You can enjoy many of their fresh and flavorful dishes in the comfort of your own home. There is a delivery charge of $3.99, and the minimum purchase is $10.00. Start your delivery order by clicking here.

During the week, you can usually find free street parking in front of the building or right across the street. On weekends, they have designated parking in the George Oren lot to the right of the building. To enter the restaurant, use the door in the center of the building on International Boulevard. While Spanish is the primary language spoken at this establishment, they always have a fluent English speaker onsite. Don’t miss out on the best Mexican cuisine in town!