The Piedmont Tobacconist

Friendly tobacco shop that stocks high quality tobacco and cigars that are kept fresh in their humidor.

The Piedmont Tobacconist is a great little shop for people who love premium tobacco. Stephen Richman has owned the store since 1994. He and the shops manager, Kily Haller, have decades of experience smoking high quality tobacco. They stock many high quality and aromatic blends that are perfect for pipe smoking or cigarette rolling.

Along with loose tobacco, The Piedmont Tobacconist has an unbeatable selection of hand rolled cigars. The cigars are housed in a humidor. A humidor is a room that holds a level of humidity that maintains a cigars perfect level of moisture. Stop by and taste the difference. You’ll never go elsewhere for a cigar again. Need smoking accessories? Here, you will find everything you need, from rolling papers to collector edition wooden pipes. They will even help you learn how to roll your own cigarettes, if you’d like!

Take advantage of the team’s expertise, and take the steps towards being a tobacco aficionado, yourself. Stop by today and talk tobacco with Stephen and Kily. Don’t forget to say hello to the two dogs! They are super friendly.

While the business is extremely cozy and has a few seats, it is a tobacco shop and not a lounge, therefore tobacco products are not meant to be enjoyed on site.


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