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Taro’s Origami Studio

Center that teaches both children and adults the artistry of origami though step-by-step tablet instruction.

Taro’s Origami Studio is one of the few places to learn the art of origami in the greater Bay Area. This fun origami studio is located in the Rockridge district of Oakland and has been delighting children and adults alike since 2014.

Founder, Taro Yaguchi, has a passion for origami; his interest began as a child in Japan. As an adult, he pursued a career as a patent lawyer, but he continued to use origami as a meditative art. Over time, he created and patented a variety of origami designs, and eventually he even published a book.

He opened his first origami studio in Brooklyn, New York so that he could share his unique designs and techniques with other origami enthusiasts. He also wanted to give children the opportunity to learn the joys of the craft. Classes are taught by level. The first level, 6th Kyu, is for beginners, and it teaches students how to properly complete basic folds. Skill increases as Kyu decreases, with 1st Kyu being the final, and most difficult. The time that it takes to graduate from one level to the next depends on the individual, but it generally takes longer with each level that is mastered.

There are a variety of instruction options. Individual classes are taught by a skilled paper folder who will give you fold-by-fold instruction. These classes are by appointment only, and reservations can be made by e-mail. There is also a drop-in corner where visitors can get step-by-step folding instruction by tablet rather than instructor. Both options are a great after school activity that teaches children precision and patience. If you want individual attention to help you master some of the more intricate folds, you can request private lessons with the instructor. Group lessons are also offered for 3 or more people. Large parties can also be accommodated.

Consider hosting your child’s next birthday party at Taro’s Origami Studio. Children can choose to learn how to make a variety of animals and objects, and there is room for cake and refreshments in the back of the room. To learn more about space rentals, look here.