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Taqueria Sinaloa

Renowned taco truck that offers traditional Sinaloa-style Mexican fare. This location offers outdoor seating.

Known as one of Oakland’s best taco trucks, Taqueria Sinaloa has been satisfying hungry Oaklanders since 1999. People travel from long distances for their amazing tacos, and it is not unusual to see a long line from open to close. They offer your usual taco truck fare including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and tortas. While their menu items seem basic, don’t be fooled! What is impressive is their expansive assortment of meat options. Try their spicy al pastor or their perfectly seasoned camarones and pescado. They even have traditional cuts used in Mexico including tripa, cabesa, and lengua.

Taqueria Sinaloa’s savory flavors were brought to Oakland by Guadalupe Bueno. Guadalupe immigrated to the US from the Sinaloa region of Mexico, which is a coastal area known for their seafood. He decided to set up shop in the San Antonio district of Oakland, and has since expanded to other parts of Oakland and Berkeley.

Lines can get long, but don’t fear! Taqueria Sinaloa offers fast service and is a great choice for to-go orders. During peak hours, they have a second truck from which you can order, so waits are never too long. They also offer outdoor seating for those who can’t wait until they get home to enjoy their food. This location is great for lunch, dinner, and late night munchies. There is on-site parking, so you don’t have to wander far from your car. Just make sure that you stop by an ATM before your visit; this location is cash only.