Primavera Guatemalteca

Guatemalan craft and specialty food store.

Opening its doors in 2017, Primavera Guatemalteca is a specialty shop that brings Guatemalan arts, crafts, and flavors to Oakland’s Fruitvale district. They offer a rich cultural shopping experience for visitors and residents, alike. They have a lovely selection of Guatemalan crafts including eclectic jewelry, original paintings, textiles, and decorative home concepts. You are sure to find something special when visiting this store!

Guatemala is known for the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of their woven textiles. Primavera Guatemalteca carries blankets and traditional garments like dresses, belts, and tops that are made by hand. Any item can be added to your wardrobe to add a pop of color. They also make great gifts!

In addition to beautiful textiles, you get an education in Guatemalan cuisine here in America. Do you want to try your hand at making Guatemalan tamales or chicken pepian? You can find all the necessary dry and packaged ingredients, here. They have a great selection of peppers and spices to create an authentic replica of traditional Guatemalan plates. But that’s not all!

Primavera Guatemalteca is also a place that serves the local Guatemalan community. Money transfers, bill paying, and shipping services to Guatemala are offered services. International phone cards are also always available for purchase.

Bring the tastes and fashion of Guatemala home by visiting one of their two stores! It is easiest to reach this location by taking BART and walking three blocks from the Fruitvale station.

This business speaks English and Spanish.


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