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Lightning’s Boxing Club

Boxing gym that offers traditional boxing instructions, lessons, and classes.

Kris “Lightning” Lopez runs one of the most reputable boxing gyms in Oakland. This world class trainer got his name because of his blazing fast hands and punches during boxing matches.

Kris offers traditional boxing instruction, one-on-one hourly boxing lessons, and classes for youth and adults. The traditional boxing consists of long distance runs, sparring, core and ab routines, a strict diet, evening group classes, and mastery of boxing instruments. His one-on-one hourly boxing lessons consist of core and ab routines, bag work, plyometrics, sparring, mitt work, and speed drills. This training is offered on a monthly basis, an hourly basis for personalized training, and on a per class basis.

The gym prides itself on developing champions in the ring through rigorous training that integrates tenacity, perseverance, craft, and class. The gym is located on 58th and MacArthur, so there is plenty of parking on the street.