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Lakeshore Produce

Fantastic local grocery store that has an impressive selection of produce, specialty goods, and bulk items.

Lakeshore Produce is an independently owned grocery store located in Oakland’s bustling Lakeshore district.

Here, you will find almost everything you’d expect to find at a larger grocery store. They carry an amazing selection of produce, including specialty produce and herbs. Dairy items including milk, cheese, eggs, and ice cream are always available. Their aisles are stocked with non-perishable items that accommodate a variety of diets including organic, gluten-free, and vegan items. They also have a wonderful bulk section that includes kitchen staples such as rice, beans, trail mix, and so much more!

Unlike chain grocery stores, this small business treats everyone like family, getting to know their customers and making sure to provide them with individualized service that meets the neighborhood’s needs. They are lifesaver when you need a few items to complete your last-minute meal shopping. You can count on them for any missing or forgotten ingredients.

Too busy to shop ahead for your holiday meal? They are open during all of the major holidays from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Avoid the madness at the supermarket the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas and let Lakeshore Produce impress you with their surprisingly wide selection of grocery items.

Want to make sure they have what you need before visiting the store? You can call or e-mail the store to inquire about the products that they carry. You can also get an idea of what items they stock by checking their website.