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International Aquarium

Local pet store with several domesticated animals and pet supplies.

International Aquarium is a locally owned pet store that specializes in exotic fish. Their large showroom has been in the San Antonio district for over a decade. Here, they showcase a variety of beautiful and colorful fish in tanks of several sizes.

The staff at International Aquarium knows a lot about fish varieties. They are happy to answer your questions about which fish can live in harmony, which fish are better on their own, and what tank size is best for you. They also have extensive knowledge of fish illnesses and tank health. Come to them with your concerns and they will make sure that you get the right medications to get your tank back on track.

Along with elegant fish, they have other popular pets including birds, dogs, and hamsters. They also provide all of the medications, foods, and accessories to keep your new family members happy and healthy.

Stop by any day of the week to see their excellent selection of tropical fish. Parking in the neighborhood is easy to find and AC Transit lines 1 and 40 stop nearby.

This business speaks English and Cantonese.