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Econo Jam Records is a new and used record store that opened its doors in the KONO District of Oakland on Halloween of 2013.

They have a wide array of music types including, but not limited to, rock, hip-hop, soul, jazz, electronic, and reggae. They have vinyl records, compact discs, and cassette tapes. You can also purchase the equipment necessary to enjoy your music. Equipment includes turntables, receivers, and speakers. Another interesting offering is their assortment of zines. These are usually local, self-published, and small-circulation printed booklets that range in subject matter.

Whether you are new to the joys of collecting vinyl, or you listened to vinyl prior to other types of recorded music, there is something special waiting for you at Econo Jam Records. The vinyl selection is diverse and well-organized. Take solace in the therapeutic qualities of sifting through the crates of vinyl along the walls and in the center console of the cozy record shop. Feel free to sample the rich texture of each record at their listening station. Here, you can kick back on their comfortable couch and appreciate the warmth and fullness that only vinyl can capture in a recording.

If you don’t have time to explore the selection at Econo Jam Records, they conveniently list what they have in stock on their website. You can customize your search based on criteria such as price point, genre, sub-genre, format, condition, and year of release. You may purchase your selection online using PayPal, or contact the business to hold your selection until you can stop by.

Are you updating your vinyl collection? Econo Jam Records is happy to buy and trade music. They also special order albums. Don’t forget that April 21st is Record Store Day. On this day, Econo Jam Records carries exclusive, rare, and limited print records. You can expect a line that circles the block before the store even opens on this day. They also partake in First Friday’s by displaying local artists’ work and hosting a live DJ in the shop.

The neighborhood is notorious for its lack of parking, but it is extremely bike friendly. It is also a short walk from 19th Street BART.