Decks Skateboard Shop

Skateboard shop located in East Oakland. Also offers custom clothing and accessories.

Located in East Oakland’s Foothill Square district, Decks Skateboard Shop is a skate shop that specializes in custom boards. Ernest Brown and E.J. are the owners of Decks. They are life-long friends that teamed up to open this awesome skate shop in 2016.

Know a skater with an upcoming birthday or graduation? Come and visit Decks, where you will find something for every skateboard enthusiast! Here, you can find everything you need to build your own skateboard. They carry boards, trucks, wheels, bearings, and accessories. Bring in your own artwork and idea, and E.J. will help you make your dream skateboard.

In addition to custom skateboards, Decks offers custom painted clothing and accessories. E.J. is a renowned street artist in East Oakland. With over 30 years of experience as an artist, E.J. has painted custom designs for rap artists, businesses, and the city. He uses his talent to add life-like portraiture and stunning graphics to anything from tees to hats. He is known not only for his beautiful work but also for offering a fast turnaround.

The shop is conveniently located inside of Foothill Square Shopping Center where free parking is ample. Stop by Decks Skateboard Shop today and create a skateboard that is as unique as you!



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