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Continental Hearing Aid Center

Center that offers diagnostic audiological testing, hearing aids, and hearing protection.

When it comes to declining hearing health, you want to work with the best that audiology has to offer. There is no better place to go than Continental Hearing Aid Center. Since 1970, Dr. Stone has been practicing in the Piedmont Ave district of Oakland. Dr. Stone has been a licensed hearing aid dispenser since 1973, and even helped bring audiology licensing to the state of California. He has helped several people rekindle their relationships with sound, helping them hear rich tones and varying frequencies that they may have forgotten exist. He has even worked with the one and only Jerry Garcia!

At Continental Hearing Aid Center, Dr. Stone offers you a complimentary hearing test to understand your needs. If the test determines that a hearing aid is suggested, the doctor will help you find the best hearing aid within your budget. You even get to take the hearing aid home on a “flex trial” basis, giving you the opportunity to test it out in your natural habitat before making a purchase. The doctor and his friendly assistant, Deborah, provide individualized and prompt service, making your experience easy and enjoyable.

Along with hearing aids, Continental Hearing Aid Center offers products that will help maintain your hearing health. Protect your ears from damage with high-quality hearing protection. Hearing protection is important for individuals who work around loud noises such, as construction workers and dentists. It is also a lifesaver if you frequent live music events. Don’t risk permanent hearing loss from loud and high frequency sounds penetrating and damaging your ears. To see what products can help protect your hearing, check here.

Not only is Dr. Stone a wonderful audiologist, he is an integral part of the community. He has been an involved member of the Piedmont Ave Merchant’s Association for many years, and even helps put together the neighborhood’s popular Halloween event. As a veteran himself, Dr. Stone has volunteered his services to give the gift of sound back to individuals who fought for our country.

Whether you have a hard time hearing voices in a loud room or want to protect your ears from damaging factors, your needs will be met at Continental Hearing Aid Center. Call or message them today to set up your free hearing test. Don’t forget to check out the cool Chinese artifacts displayed in the waiting room!

This business speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


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