Coin Op Car Wash

Coin-operated car wash station where you can wash and vacuum your own vehicle.

Coin-Op Car Wash is a self-serve car detailing location in the East Lake District of Oakland. Here, you can choose from one of four washing stations and one of three vacuum stations. All stations are token operated.

In the center of the four wash station is a token machine kiosk. This is where you exchange your dollar bills into the Bay Wash Tokens necessary to wash your car. They have a Car Care Vending Center that dispenses wax, car fresheners, window washing towelettes, and microfiber hand towels. These machines only accept Bay Wash Tokens, as well. The wash station allows you to do a three minute wash for a $1 token. This allows you to do a quick rise, an overall scrub with the brush, and a final rinse. You can increase the length of time with additional tokens. Vacuums also only accept tokens.

During the day, this location is quiet, and unlike many other self-serve car washes, there are few if any people hanging around the lot. This location doesn’t usually get too packed, so you are usually in and out in no time. Like most self-serve car wash stations, buckets and hand washing are prohibited.


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