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Black Spring Coffee Company

Spacious cafe that serves a variety of coffee beverages made exclusively from beans grown in India.

Black Spring Coffee Company is an independently owned coffee shop located on Telegraph Ave in the Pill Hill District of Oakland. The café is owned and operated by Ryan Stark, who has over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry.

He opened the shop in October of 2013, and he has maintained a shop that offers a chill and easy going vibe befitting the neighborhood it resides in. The location is spacious with ample seating, and while they don’t offer WiFi, it is a great place to study or catch up with a friend. It is also a great place to view local art. Art is exhibited along the walls, and is rotated every month. Outdoor seating is also available for those who want to enjoy some sunshine with their cup of coffee.

Black Spring Coffee Company is unique compared to other local coffee shops because it only features coffee varieties that were grown in India. Ryan serves coffee roasted by Josuma, which is a roasting company located in Menlo Park. Ryan’s favorite coffee is Monsoon Medley. Rather than being washed like most specialty coffees, monsooned coffee beans are laid out in a warehouse for 12 to 16 weeks during the monsoon season. This process allows the beans to soak up moisture from the air, swell in size, and shed its acidity. Monsooned coffee is the least acidic coffee in the world. It makes each cup full bodied, smooth, and chocolaty. Josuma has a direct relationship with growers and monsooners, ensuring that their labors are compensated with a fair wage.

All espresso drinks come with double shots of espresso, and are served in 10-oz or 16-oz cups. Milk choices include dairy, almond, soy, or coconut milk. You can also add flavored syrups to your beverage like vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. Drip coffee is self-serve, and is located to the right of the espresso machine. Pour over cups of coffee are also available. They use the clever coffee brewing method.

Want to make pour over coffee at home? Clevers and filters are available for sale on the retail wall. They also sell branded t-shirts and hoodies. Want a snack to go with your cup of coffee? Fresh baked vegan pastries are brought in daily from Fat Bottom Bakery.