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Bancroft Wash

Bright and clean laundromat with washers that can accommodate large loads of laundry including comforters and table cloths.

In the up-and-coming Fairfax Business District of Oakland sits Bancroft Wash. Bancroft Wash is a small laundromat that offers 21 top load washers, five large front load washers, and two extra-large front load washers. It costs $3.00 to wash a load of laundry with a top load washer, $4.50 for a large washer, and $5.50 for an extra-large washer. There are 26 total front load dryers. 14 of which give you eight minutes of spin time for 25 cents, and 12 that give you 10 minutes of spin time for 25 cents.

The owners of Bancroft Wash take pride in their laundromat. When you walk in, you are greeted with a large “Welcome” sign painted on the wall. The interior walls of the building are a sunny yellow, and the décor gives the illusion of being in a garden rather than a laundromat. There is ample folding space, allowing you to have your laundry neatly organized before you leave. They also have many carts to transport your laundry from washer to dryer to folding table.

The Fairfax Business District has many boutiques and café’s that you can visit while waiting for your laundry to wash and dry. Visit Louis Family Restaurant for a quick breakfast, peruse the clothes and accessories at Just Because Boutique, or check out the great deals at the Super Discount store. For those who prefer not to explore, there are many options to entertain yourself at the laundromat. There are classic arcade games and claw machines, as well as a table to sit and do work. You will also find that there is plenty of seating if you want to read a book while your clothes tumble.

There is no designated parking lot for this location, but street parking is free and generally easy to find near-by. Single use laundry necessities such as soap and dryer sheets are available on site for a small fee. All washing machines and dryers take quarters, which you can obtain at their change machine.