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Apparel Arts

Fashion design school that offers several individual courses and a certificate program.

Apparel Arts is an independently-owned fashion design school that provides aspiring designers with the technical skills necessary to work in the fashion industry. The school has been located in Downtown Oakland since 2014. Classes are designed to prepare students to thrive in the professional world by doing everything close to industry standards. In fact, many graduates have been employed by major retailers like Gap and Levis.

Suzy Furrer opened Apparel Arts in 1996 in San Francisco. The school’s intention was to address the Bay Area’s need for skill building classes. Suzy created a curriculum that is great for anyone that is serious about working in the fashion industry. Most students have some experience in fashion design, but beginners have also excelled in this program.

From costume design to everyday apparel, Apparel Arts teaches you the skills you need to advance your career. Apparel Arts also encourages gender-inclusive design and is a safe space for anyone to express themselves creatively.

Individuals can opt to complete the two year certification program or take individual classes. There is no long-term contract when joining the program and the curriculum is extremely flexible, allowing you to take the classes that fit your needs. Rather than paying per semester, Apparel Arts allows students to make monthly payments, so there is no financial obligation to continue if you need to take a hiatus.

Each class contains 10 to 12 students, allowing each person to get the personal attention they need to succeed. Classes are offered in the morning and evening, accommodating all schedules. The school also makes sure to keep one studio open at all times to allow students to work on their projects when it is convenient for them.

Join Apparel Arts for an orientation to see if the program in the right fit for you!