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Ann & Amy Nails

Nail and beauty salon that creates beautiful art on your fingers and toes.

Ann & Amy Nail Salon is a small nail and beauty salon located in the Downtown district of Oakland. They have been in the neighborhood for over a decade, and have a reputation for their fantastic nail and waxing services.

The nail technicians at this establishment are excellent at their craft. They are up to date with modern and classic nail trends, and they can do many styles and shapes. They excel at techniques such as kitten-claw shaped nails, ombre and glitter nail colors, and French and American tips.

Ann & Amy Nail Salon is especially gifted at nail art. Each nail is a canvas, and you will sit and stare in awe of the tiny masterpiece that has been completed on each finger. This nail salon produces work that is so clean, with details that are so intricate, that it looks like the artwork pops right off of your nail. You can add to the illusion by having rhinestones and charms placed on your nails for a small additional cost.

Along with exceptional nail designs, Ann & Amy Nail Salon is known for their professional waxing services. Customers rave that Amy is the best in the business when it comes to shaping brows. She will transform your eyebrows by cleaning and shaping them in a way that compliments your face shape and structure. Her techniques are fast, precise, and painless, ensuring that you are in and out in no time.

A paid parking lot and street parking are available but can often be sparse. 12th Street BART is a short walk away, and AC Transit has many lines that stop near by. You can also ride your bike, but bike parking is limited in the area. This salon gets very busy in the late afternoon, so make sure to set aside some time for your service.