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Angel Cakes

Gourmet cupcake shop located in the historic Gingerbread House.

Angel Cakes is a gourmet bakery that makes exquisite cupcakes, cake pops, and small cakes for all occasions. The store is located in the historical Gingerbread House on the border of Jack London Square and West Oakland.

Jen Angel is the owner of Angel Cakes. She began her business in San Francisco in 2008 after years of doing custom baking for friends and family. In 2016, Jen moved the business from a shared commercial kitchen in Berkeley to her first retail location at an Oakland landmark, known as T.J.’s Gingerbread House. T.J.’s Gingerbread House was a quirky tea house and gift shop, turned soul food restaurant that opened in 1974. The restaurant was a popular destination for tourists and locals alike because of its fairy-tale inspired exterior and whimsical interior décor. The restaurant closed in 2007, and sat dormant before coming back to life in March, 2016.

Angel Cakes is known for offering cupcakes in 120 flavors that rotate seasonally. On a given day, you can choose from 15 to 20 flavors, or you can make a custom order in the flavor that you desire. Custom orders can also be made vegan and/or gluten free. Jen’s cupcakes are great for celebrations including birthdays, graduations, and weddings. For your wedding, you can also order a ceremonial cutting cake that is decorated like your guests’ cupcakes. To learn more about how to place a custom order, look here.

Want to surprise someone special with a sweet treat? Stop by the retail store on the corner of 5th and Brush Street and pick up a cupcake, or two. Along with tasty cupcakes, Angel cakes makes cake pops and cookies. The neighborhood is fairly quiet, and metered street parking is generally easy to find.


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