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A & I Misión Cultural

Garment making school that offers quality education on fashion design at a fair price.

A & I Misión Cultural is a school that trains men and women how to become expert garment makers. The organization began in November 2017 in Oakland’s Fairfax District. Their mission is to offer a skill-set that could be used to create economic opportunity.

The school was founded by Irma Villa. Irma learned how to make clothes in Mexico at the age of 11. Her natural talent and enthusiasm for the craft allowed her to pursue garment making as a career. While in the industry, she quickly realized that the art of garment making was dying because of poor education and training techniques. To revitalize the workforce of high quality tailors and seamstresses, Irma began holding garment making classes that cater to anyone interested in the craft and affordable for everyone.

The school teaches tailoring basics like pattern making, fabric cutting, and sewing. They also teach the basics of alterations. They double as an alterations business, giving students the opportunity to get real world experience. Whether you’ve never touched a sewing machine before, or want to learn how to design your own line of clothing, A & I has a class for you. Take advantage of their quality instruction and inclusive classrooms.

Sign up for a class or workshop on their website! It is never too late to start learning a new trade!