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High impact kick boxing workout that incorporated 3 minute intervals that add up to a full body 30 minute workout.

9Round is a kick boxing facility that offers nine rounds of 3 minute training intervals with a 30 second active recovery between rounds, adding up to a high impact full body 30 minute workout.

At 9Round, there are no class times, giving you great flexibility to fit in a workout. Here, you will experience a different workout every day with trainers to assist you, and you will have access to an online interactive nutritional program.

9Round uses a boxing bell and light timer to signal training intervals. The green light is the go bell which starts your 3 minute round, yellow is the 30 second light which lets you know there is 30 sec left in the 3 min interval, and the red light is a 30 second active recovery until the next green light.

They use a Pulse heart rate monitor system to let you know how intense your workout is and if you need to stop and rest. A highly-skilled trainer is with you the whole time to ensure that you have good form, to help push you, and to make sure that you get the maximum benefit from your workout. An online nutrition plan and fitness tracker is also offered to help you monitor your progress and maintain your results.

The facility itself can get packed with individuals who are trying to squeeze in a good workout, especially early mornings and after work, but you will see as soon as you step inside that cleanliness is of great importance, and each station is well maintained.

Marc Payne is the owner of 9Round Lake Merritt, and he is dedicated to the community’s health and wellness. His facility accepts children as young as 12 years old, allowing individuals to develop good fitness habits at a young age. He is passionate about fighting childhood obesity. Having struggled with his weight as a child, he strives to be a good role model for children who suffer from poor body image. He also holds an annual Kick for Breast Cancer event in October where he donates one cent per kick during workouts. The contributions are donated to Oakland Women’s Cancer Resource Center, an organization known for contributing directly to the women affected by breast cancer, rather than using the funding on research.

Take advantage of the free 1st time visit, and find out why so many Oaklanders can’t get enough of this energizing workout routine.