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Young’s Dry Cleaners was established in 2003. The store has recently been remodeled, and the bright interior is inviting. They maintain a five star review on Yelp!

The cleaners is definitely a family affair, with son, David Kim, providing customer service and both the mom and dad providing the cleaning services. This family has years of experience and many regular customers. David uses social media, and you can always find pictures of their satisfied customers on his Instagram and Facebook. David will also promote customers’ businesses because he believes in supporting them.

In addition to great customer service, Young’s Dry Cleaners offers a variety of specialized services! Some of the services include alterations and cleaning and preserving wedding dresses.specializes in alterations. They provide all of these services in a friendly and quick manner. Their reviews on Yelp speak to the high quality services. Young Dry’s Cleaners always uses eco-friendly solvents that are odorless and colorless. You can decide to prepay at drop off or pay when you pickup.

You can find Young’s Cleaners next to the Wells Fargo Bank at Foothill Square shopping center. Plenty of free parking and store hours everyday except Sunday. Please Note; No Fur, Suede, Leather Cleaning or Dye is available.