FLOAT, Flotation Center & Art Gallery

FLOAT is an urban art spa committed to providing an ever-changing space that showcases the works of both established and emerging local artists, and provides an opportunity to unwind, float and open-up the creative channels in all of us. What makes FLOAT unique is that we are the Oakland Bay Area’s only Flotation Center & Art Gallery.

Celebrating over 12 years of floating the Oakland Bay Area’s most innovative clients, FLOAT is the longest running commercial float center in both the United States and the Oakland San Francisco Bay Area. We focus on true sensory deprivation, no LED lights shows, allowing you to rest your brain to the deepest level of rest. Feel the difference, your brain will thank you.

Taking a different view of what a spa should be, we are dedicated to the simple fact that every float should be as unique and extraordinary as the art. Floats are offered in two time increments: 60 minutes, which is suggested for first time floaters, and 90 minutes for experienced floaters looking to reach maximum benefit. Float/massage packages are also available. Melt away your stress with a 60 minute massage from one of FLOAT’s amazing certified massage therapists before letting your mind drift away during your float. After your float, you are invited to enjoy some tea and relax in the art gallery.

The business is located on the first floor of the historic Cotton Mill Studios building. What was once the largest cotton mill west of the Mississippi has since been converted into a live-work space that is known for its large community of local artists. Once you’ve turned left on Calcot Place, you can park your car to the right on the iron gate. Come float in one of our extra large float spas, add a massage and feel amazing!