Amigos Latino Services

Amigos Latino Services offer access to money services on International Boulevard. You can cash your checks, recharge your phone, and purchase medications all at the same time!

Stay in touch with family and friends with wireless top-ups from many carriers or long distance calling plan options. You can add credit to your Boost, Go-phone, T-Mobile, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, SIMPLE Mobile, or Verizon Wireless account.

Their hassle-free and dependable way of cashing checks makes it easy for you to get paid fast! They cash many kinds of checks, including personal, paychecks, government, out-of-state checks, and more! Pay your bills without those late fees. Amigos Latino Services will send your payments securely so you never need to worry about them getting lost or delayed in the mail. Come in, pay your bills, and get on with your day.

Get convenient service and cash in your pocket today with Amigo Latino Services, located at 3263 International Boulevard. If you need to reach them with any questions, stop by they are open every day from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm.