Happy Garden

Family-style Chinese restaurant with delicious and beautifully presented food.

Marufuku Ramen

Japanese restaurant renowned for their Hakata-style ramen soups and rice dishes.


Izakaya and ramen restaurant that embodies the class and sophistication of eateries in Japan.

Sobo Ramen

Specialty and build-your-own ramen offered in a casual dine-in setting.

Lin Jia Asian Kitchen

Asian fusion restaurant that serves family-style dishes made with local and sustainable ingredients.

T & K Café

Reasonably-priced Hong Kong-style cafe offering lunch specials.

Hong Kong Fast Food

Chinese fast food restaurant that offers quick and inexpensive eats served from a steam table.

Thanh Ky Restaurant

Casual Chinese and Vietnamese fast food restaurant. Known for great value and delicious noodle soups.


Full-service Asian fusion and Vietnamese restaurant with creative twists.

Tao Yuen Pastry

  • 816 Franklin St, Oakland, California 94607

Chinese bakery that serves satisfying dim sum and fast food lunch dishes.

Bangkok Palace

Simple Thai eatery with outside patio that serves Bangkok-style dishes exploding with flavor.

China Hut

Reliable Chinese fast food restaurant that offers speedy and satisfying dishes.

Vientian Cafe

Comforting and flavorful Southeast Asian family recipes served to you in a casual environment.

Shiba Ramen

Counter service ramen shop that serves comforting soup and a well-crafted selection of beer.

Mien Tay

Authentic Vietnamese cuisine and boba drinks. Great place for a quick lunch.

China Gourmet

Chinese fast food restaurant that allows you to create a customized plate by choosing items from a steam table.

Hot Pot House

Szechuan-style hot pot restaurant known for their flavorful sauces and broths.

Tasty Pho

Vietnamese restaurant whose specialty is Hu Tieu Nam Vang. Has designated parking and outdoor seating.

Mac Khai Restaurant

  • 417 7th Street, Oakland, California 94607

Vietnamese restaurant offering online ordering and free delivery.

Holly’s Mandarin

Attractive Chinese restaurant that is revered by locals for their flavorful dishes and impeccable service.

Peony Seafood Restaurant

  • 388 9th St, Ste 288, Oakland, California 94607

Popular Cantonese eatery known for large dim sum selection and Chinese family-style dining.