Sav-Mor Liquors

Well stocked liquor store that also carries a small selection of produce and other grocery items.

M & A Lakeside Market & Spirits

  • 138 14th Street, Oakland, California 94612

An excellent liquor, beer, and wine selection right down the street from Lake Merritt.

Buckingham Wine & Spirits

  • 3293 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, California 94610

Compact wine and spirits store that carries beverages for all tastes.

Dave’s Grocery & Liquor

  • 2484 Park Blvd, Oakland, California 94606

Well stocked convenience store that carries a large selection of spirits, groceries, and housewares.

Bottles Liquor

Neighborhood corner store that provides food, spirits, and household goods to locals and visitors.

Souza’s Liquor

Convenience store that opens early and offers check cashing and money transfers.

Sky Market

  • 2645 14th Ave, Oakland, California 94606

Small convenience store with fresh fruits and vegetables next to Alameda County Medical Center.

Tiger Market

Neighborhood corner store that stocks cigarettes, snack foods, and beverages. Money services are also available.

Dallas Liquor

Basic grocery items and a great selection of beer, wine, and liquor.

Tony’s Liquor/ Eng Market

  • 2003 23rd Ave, Oakland, California 94606

Convenience store with a good selection of spirits, beer, wine, and basic grocery items.

Lafranchi Liquor

  • 3500 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, California 94619

Beer, wine, and spirits in a small but easy-to-navigate convenience store.

Oak Town Market

Convenience store with a wide selection of grocery essentials as well as liquor and tobacco products.

Easy Liquor

  • 900 W MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, California 94608

Friendly and attentive convenience store that carries several grocery items.

4M Foods

Locally owned grocery store that has food and household items.

Adeline Liquors

Great place to grab grocery essentials and your favorite adult beverages.

Gateway Liquor

A good selection of beer, wine, and spirits, as well as basic groceries.

Four Star Discount Liquor

  • 2884 38th Ave, Oakland, California 94619

Competitively priced liquor store that also stocks everyday grocery items for your convenience.

Royal Foods

Neighborhood and family-owned grocery store that stocks all of the necessities.

Souza Liquors

Convenience store that opens early and offers check cashing and money transfers.

Security Liquor Store

Easily accessible liquor and convenience store that has a great variety of micro-brews and exemplary customer service.

Chico’s Market

Convenience store near Concordia Park that carries grocery items and home goods.

Vernon Market

Neighborhood corner store that stocks a variety of grocery items and alcoholic beverages.

Food 24 Hour Convenience Store

  • 2900 Park Blvd, Oakland, California 94610

Friendly neighborhood convenience store that carries spirits, household items, and groceries including fresh produce.

Seventh Street Food & Liquor

  • 1460 7th Street Ste A, Oakland, California 94607

Liquor store conveniently located across the street from West Oakland BART.

Fairfax Liquor

Popular convenience store that has a deli and produce isle, as well as liquor and cigarettes.

S & N Market

Neighborhood convenience store that also stocks produce and grocery items.

P & M Market

Small cornerstone with a great selection of wine, spirits, and basic groceries.