Spices 3

Chinese restaurant that is a favorite for lovers of spicy Hunan soups and Szechuan dishes.

Mac Khai Restaurant

  • 417 7th Street, Oakland, California 94607

Vietnamese restaurant offering online ordering and free delivery.

T & K Café

Reasonably-priced Hong Kong-style cafe offering lunch specials.

Hot Pot House

Szechuan-style hot pot restaurant known for their flavorful sauces and broths.

Sun Sing Pastry

Chinese bakery offering large selection of pastries, dim sum, and fast food items.

Peony Seafood Restaurant

  • 388 9th St, Ste 288, Oakland, California 94607

Popular Cantonese eatery known for large dim sum selection and Chinese family-style dining.

King Kong Chinese Restaurant

  • 839 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94606

Family Chinese barbecue restaurant known for their fried pork belly and peking duck.

Happy Garden

Family-style Chinese restaurant with delicious and beautifully presented food.

China Hut

Reliable Chinese fast food restaurant that offers speedy and satisfying dishes.

Ly Luck Restaurant

Family-style Chinese restaurant that offers large portions of comforting dishes at a great value.