El Latino Market

  • 2118 International Blvd Oakland, California 94606

Local convenience store that carries beer & wine, as well as snack foods and household products.

Tiger Market

Neighborhood corner store that stocks cigarettes, snack foods, and beverages. Money services are also available.

Rowaid Market

Grocery market that has been a neighborhood fixture for over 30 years.

International Market

  • 8719 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94621

Convenient neighborhood market.

7 Seas Food & Liquor

  • 1615 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, California 94602

Well stocked convenience store with parking lot. Carries many snacks and beverages, as well as alcohol and cigarettes.

Diamond Market

Convenience store that carries a little of everything including food, alcohol, and cigarettes.

V&W Liquor

  • 3115 35th Ave, Oakland, California 94602

Neighborhood convenience store that sells alcohol and cigarettes, as well as non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and some household items.

Dallas Liquor

Basic grocery items and a great selection of beer, wine, and liquor.

A & M Liquor

Neighborhood convenience store that carries a variety of snacks and beverages, as well as beer, liquor, and cigarettes.

Fairfax Liquor

Popular convenience store that has a deli and produce isle, as well as liquor and cigarettes.


Spacious laundromat with washers and dryers in varying sizes. Indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Tazah Market

Middle Eastern produce market that sells specialty goods such as halal meat and local honey.

Al Market

Convenience store with a small selection of grocery essentials including produce, packaged foods, and household goods.

Royal Foods

Neighborhood and family-owned grocery store that stocks all of the necessities.

Corner Grocery

Small market great to stop by on the way to the Coliseum or Oracle Arena.

Chico’s Market

Convenience store near Concordia Park that carries grocery items and home goods.

S & N Market

Neighborhood convenience store that also stocks produce and grocery items.

East Bay Market

Small market in the heart of deep East Oakland offering a bit of everything.

El Sombrerito Loco

  • 9101 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94603

Mexican cafe offering a wide variety of dishes.

4M Foods

Locally owned grocery store that has food and household items.

Gallaghers Drive In

Longstanding corner store that stocks a variety of grocery items for your convenience.