Mona Moy DDS

General and cosmetic dental office that specializes in orthodontia without braces.

Doyle Chiropractic

Chiropractic office that practices NUCCA, which focuses on neck alignment for proper nerve function.

Siu Kee Tang

Traditional Chinese medicine specialist Dr. Tang’s clinic.

Opal Street Center

Healers that provide a variety of services including counseling, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

Eye Care Optometry

Optometry office that has up-to-date technology, an in-office lab, and a frame store.

Hoan Cau Company

Traditional Chinese medicine shop with English-, Cantonese-, and Mandarin-speaking staff

Olivia L Rusu

  • 7450 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94621

Lake Merritt Dental

Green certified dental office with a highly educated staff that utilizes state of the art techniques and technology.

Mohari Wellness

Diverse team of health and fitness experts that offer a holistic approach to wellness.

Amanda Metcalf Rolfing

Holistic practitioner that offers increased range of motion and pain relief through rolfing and yoga.

Be Well Natural

Community acupuncture and massage that focuses on pain and stress management.

Te Xin Kuang

Licensed acupuncturist experienced in traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure treatments.