Grand Flowers

Florist and gift shop that creates unforgettable flower arrangements for any occasion.

Thornhill Nursery

Mid-sized nursery with a beautifully curated selection of trees, bushes, plants, and flowers.

Melody Flower Shop

Shop for special events with custom made decorations, flowers, linens, fabrics, gifts, and spiritual items.

Oakland Flower Market

Wholesale flower market that sells beautiful flowers and florist supplies to professionals and the general public.

Lucky Florist

Third generation family-owned flower shop that creates beautiful arrangements for all occasions.

Nathalie Flowers

  • 827 International Blvd Ste A, Oakland, California 94606

Florist that offers beautiful arrangements at affordable prices. Known for quick and friendly services in the heart of the East Lake.

Daily Fresh Roses Shop

Flower shop that takes into account your preferences and budget when crafting arrangements. Also offers pre-made bouquets.

City Bloom

Downtown florist that creates beautiful and unique arrangements using flowers from local markets.

Mille Fiori

Sweet little flower shop that carries a beautiful selection of fresh flowers.

Creation Flowers Leti

Local flower and event planning shop that helps create lasting memories for special occasions.

The Flower & The B

Flower shop located outside of the Rockridge Market Hall that makes beautiful arrangements.