Souza Liquors

Convenience store that opens early and offers check cashing and money transfers.

Oaktree Market

Small convenience store that stocks a little bit of everything from snack foods to cigars.

Nawah Market & Deli

  • 5485 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland, California 94601

Friendly neighborhood deli with great burgers and other menu items.

Island Market

Produce and liquor store known for their high quality meat department and excellent beer selection.

Sunbeam Market

Corner store that sells several grocery and household items and has a fresh meat counter.

Choice Korner

Compact convenience store carrying basic pantry items, home goods, liquor, and cigarettes.

Family Market

  • 1600 12th Street, Oakland, California 94607

Corner store and meat market that also sells a variety of packaged foods and produce.

Buckingham Wine & Spirits

  • 3293 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, California 94610

Compact wine and spirits store that carries beverages for all tastes.

Sierra Deli & Market

Neighborhood market that carries tasty snacks and serves amazing Vietnamese sandwiches and coffee drinks.

Kings Market

  • 5442 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, California 94609

Hometown Donuts

Convenience store that serves hot food and donuts along with grocery and household items.

Park Gas & Food

Family-owned gas station and convenience store located right next to West Oakland BART.

Oakland Express Market

  • 10319 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94603

A small convenience store that carries something for everyone.

A-G Market

  • 1849 East 21st Street, Oakland, California 94606

Convenience store that has snacks and basic groceries and is close to San Antonio Park.

Millennium Market

One-of-a-kind convenience store with a fast food kiosk that serves burgers and fries.

Great Wall Co

Convenience store that carries a variety of periodicals and newspapers written in Chinese.

Rowaid Market

Grocery market that has been a neighborhood fixture for over 30 years.

Easy Liquor

  • 900 West MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, California 94608

Friendly and attentive convenience store that carries several grocery items.

A&R Market Liquor

Convenience store near Caesar Chavez Park that carries groceries, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Al Market

Convenience store with a small selection of grocery essentials including produce, packaged foods, and household goods.

Sky Market

  • 2645 14th Ave, Oakland, California 94606

Small convenience store with fresh fruits and vegetables next to Alameda County Medical Center.

LT Liquor

  • 7717 Bancroft Avenue, Oakland, California, 94605

Liquor store and deli conveniently located near the Arroyo Viejo Rec Center.

Fleuret’s Market & Spirits

  • 1913 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, California 94612

Longstanding convenience store that has everything you need to get you through your day.