Sequoia Diner

Neighborhood diner that makes everything from scratch using high quality ingredients.

Tertulia Coffee

Community coffee shop and art gallery that features multi-ethnic artists and serves coffee roasted in house.


Cafe that serves locally sourced wholesome food, fresh baked pastries, and Red Bay coffee.

Complex Oakland

Multilevel entertainment space that contains a concert hall, kitchen and restaurant, and coffee bar.

HL’s Cafe

  • 1952 Mountain Blvd, Oakland, California 94611

Cafe Umami

  • 2224 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, California 94602

Cafe that serves beautifully crafted coffee and non-coffee drinks along with healthy dining options.

Nomad Cafe

  • 6500 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, California 94609

50 Tea

Cute little shop that serves boba drinks, ice cream, and an assortment of gifts.

Cafe Bobo

Vietnamese cafe that serves hot or iced coffee and tea in a relaxed setting.

Cafe Lakeside

  • 2834 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, California 94610

Ethiopian restaurant and internet cafe that serves delicious breakfast and lunch items.

Damn Good Teas

Juice stand that sells delicious herbal iced teas and drinks on a pop-up schedule.

Hawk and Pony

  • 4210 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, California 94609

No frills cafe that serves food and beer in a communal setting.

Coco Cafe

Coffee shop that serves several quick, hearty, and healthy breakfast and lunch items.

Than Thuy Deli

Vietnamese sandwich shop that is great for take out. They serve banh mi sandwiches and fruit smoothies.

Anula’s Cafe

  • 1319 Franklin Street, Oakland, California 94612

Freshly prepared take-out or delivery for breakfast and lunch items.

Haddon Hill Cafe

  • 504 Wesley Ave, Oakland, California 94606

Specialty coffee shop that has freshly baked pastries and outdoor seating.

Lane-E Kefa Coffee

Fantastic coffee and breakfast spot. Located across the street from Laney College and Lake Merritt BART.

Revolve Cafe

Coffee shop that serves responsibly sourced coffee and tasty pastries.

Hudson Bay Cafe

Wonderful little cafe with delicious coffee drinks as well as tasty breakfast and lunch items.

Powderface Cafe

Best known for their beignets and coffee drinks. Near Fruitvale BART.

Chop Bar

Rustic American eatery and cocktail bar with a coffee window that serves Roast Co. coffee.

Cam Huong Bakery

Popular Vietnamese deli and bakery that serves delicious banh mi sandwiches and fresh pastries.

Cafe Gabriela

Cafe that serves Blue Bottle Coffee and fresh pastries alongside mouth-watering Filipino fusion cuisine.