Yokee Milk Tea

To-go bubble tea spot that offers refreshing bubble tea, smoothies, and slush drinks.

Dimond Cafe

Cafe that has been serving breakfast and lunch items in the Dimond district since 1995.

Anula’s Cafe

  • 1319 Franklin Street, Oakland, California 94612

Freshly prepared take-out or delivery for breakfast and lunch items.

Akat Café Kalli

  • 1603 2nd Avenue, Oakland, California 94606

Latino owned specialty coffee shop and restaurant that also serves kombucha on tap.


French-style confectioneries displayed in an aesthetically pleasing shop.

Farley’s East

Specialty coffee shop and restaurant that is a local favorite for eating, working, and hanging out.

50 Tea

Cute little shop that serves boba drinks, ice cream, and an assortment of gifts.

Vegan Donut Gelato

Amazing vegan bakery that serves delicious donuts and gelato made exclusively from plant-based ingredients.

Ladyfingers Bakery

Neighborhood bakery that offers a variety of pastries and desserts along with specialty cakes.

Yogurt Deluxe

Frozen yogurt shop that also serves ice cream, real fruit smoothies, and bubble tea.

Wilde Brothers

  • 3206 Grand Ave, Oakland, California 94610

Charming boutique coffee shop that serves high quality coffee drinks and pastries.

Two Chicks in the Mix

Bakery that specializes in unique desserts and breakfast items made with ethically produced ingredients.

Flavor Brigade

Lovely shop that serves iconic Philadelphia dessert items including Italian shaved ice and frozen custard.

Kilovolt Coffee

Coffee shop that serves specialty coffee and tasty breakfast and lunch items.

Lee’s Dounuts

Neighborhood donut shop and restaurant known for their crispy fried chicken and hearty breakfast sandwiches.

Peña’s Bakery No 2

Popular Latin bakeshop known for its pan dulce whipping up Mexican baked goods, pastries, and cakes.

Lee’s Donuts

Traditional mom-and-pop donut shop that sells affordable pastries and drinks.

Sum Yee Pastry

Casual Chinese restaurant and bakery that offers dim sum and other fast food dishes.

Cafe El Patio

  • (510) 736-0714
  • 4030b International Boulevard, Unit 2, Oakland, California 94601

Inviting cafe that serves quality breakfast and lunch items, as well as single origin coffee.

Nieves Cinco de Mayo

Ice cream shop that brings traditional flavors of Mexico to Fruitvale. Best known for their generous mangonadas.

Wonder Food Bakery

Chinese bakery carrying a wide variety of Hong Kong-style pastries, breads, and custom cakes.

Kam Land Bakery

Chinese bakery that makes beautiful fruit cakes, tasty egg tarts, and several baked and steamed buns.


A sustainable Middle Eastern bakery and cafe whose mission is to uplift the local community.