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Boa Gifts

Beauty supply and gift shop that stocks high-end Korean made cosmetics and other goods.

Nestled in the Sears Roebuck and Company building, there is a small cosmetics and gift shop called Boa Gifts. From the outside you will see a neon sign that reads Boa Gifts and a few promotional posters with Korean writing.

Unless you are familiar with the products, it is difficult to tell what to expect when you walk into the business. Once you step inside, you will see that this business houses a well-known, high-end Korean beauty supply chain named Aritaum. Aritaum offers top quality Korean made cosmetics and skincare products. The set-up of the cosmetics shop is similar to one that you would see in a department store. The wall to the left of the entrance holds high-end skin care products such as face wash, serums, and moisturizers. A lot of the products are made by popular Korean brands such as IOPE, Mamonde, and LANEIGE. There are cosmetics displayed on a center console. There, you will find a variety of foundations, lip products, and eye products that can be sampled.

Once you’ve found a product that you would like to purchase, the friendly shop owner will retrieve the product for you and hold it at the register until you are ready to check out. The shop owner is a great resource if you have questions. She can complete a skin test to help you understand your skin type and make product suggestions that will give you the softest, most luminous skin possible.

Boa Gifts offers a membership program. This program allows you to accumulate points for each purchase and cash them in for products.

While skincare products is the main focus at Boa Gifts, they also carry a small gift and household items selections. This is located on the right when entering. Here you will find clothing and bags, as well as cooking pots. Spend some time perusing the shop, and you will likely find something that you love at a reasonable price. Both cash and credit cards are accepted at Boa Gifts. Parking is difficult to find in this neighborhood, but bike parking is ample and it is a short walk from 19th Street BART.


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